London Days 2 and 3 // Travel

Day 2: Notes, Trafalgar Square, British Museum (part dos!), and Covent Garden

I really, really like much that my husband jokingly said he was going to create a separate category on our budget sheet to track my coffee expenses. lol. Or maybe he wasn't joking! Anyway, I may have a problem...but it's hard to imagine life without coffee. To me it's more than just a beverage that most people drink to stay awake. It's nostalgic and sentimental. My parents would make a huge pot every morning (and they still do!), it was always offered to guests when they would come over, and some of some of my most memorable times with friends and family have been over a simple cup of coffee. That said, I knew I wanted to visit a local coffee shop while we were in London and I'm so glad we found Notes! It was the perfect coffee shop for Daniel and I to grab a small breakfast and to spend some time talking/reading to start out the day. I also had my first flat white here! Soooo yummy! 

After breakfast, we hung out around Trafalgar Square, visited the National Gallery and the British Museum (again!). :) 

Water engineering...then and now! ;) 

After all the museums, it stopped drizzling outside and we headed to Covent Garden, an outdoor market/shopping area, for dinner with our parents. The Christmas decorations were amazing!! 

Day 3: Hungerford Bridge, Big Ben and Parliament, St. James' Park, Horse Guards Parade, Dishoom, and Tower Bridge

Look!! It's the Hungerford Bridge that Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freedman walked on during a scene of Sherlock! lol. 

From the bridge, you can get a great view of several of London's landmarks. :)  Later that morning we stopped by Notes (again! hehe) and walked around Westminster Abbey and Parliament. 

We then made our way to St. James' Park. This park was absolutely beautiful!! I'm so glad we got to see it during autumn! Although, I'm sure it looks just as beautiful during the other seasons. 

And then this was definitely one of the highlights from our time in London for Daniel! ;) 

Horse Guards Parade! 

One downside about London was that food was really expensive...I'm not sure if it was because of the season we visited. Maybe it's like that all other times? or maybe the dollar wasn't doing too well...I dunno. But! We did want to have one nice meal together as a family and we're so glad it was Dishoom! (props to Daniel for finding it!) It was delicious!! I would have been happy with just eating the warm naan. It was that good!! The curries were bold, but not overpowering. The grilled chicken was crispy, but moist. No wonder it's on the Michelin Recommended Guide! I wish they had a restaurant in the Bay Area...

Our last stop for the day was the Tower Bridge during the lovely golden hour. :) 

Day 4...coming soon!