oakland wedding

Olivia & Richard // Terrace Room Oakland Wedding

Olivia & Richard are MARRIED!! 

I first met Olivia when she was a freshmen in college through our church's small group ministry. Her sweet cheerfulness and joy in the Lord immediately stood out to me - along with her expressions of "merr" and "my heart!" that I will forever associate with Olivia. ;) When I first found out that she and Richard were dating, I couldn't stop smiling inside. :) :) 

What stands out to me about Olivia & Richard's relationship is that their love for one another is rooted in the gospel of Jesus Christ - that God demonstrated His love for sinners by sending His Son, Jesus, into this world to die on the Cross to pay for sins, once and for all, so that all who believe and trust in Him would be saved and have a new life in Christ. Their wedding day was a beautiful display of this truth that they hold dear in their hearts. 

Congratulations, Olivia & Richard! I can't wait to see how the Lord will continue to grow and use your marriage for His glory! 

Wedding Coordinator: Christine Chang | Florist: Nari Lee |  Stationary: Sojourner Calligraphy | Reception: Terrace Room Film Lab: Richard Photo Lab