London Day 1 // Travel

I haven't blogged a personal post here in a while...however, today seemed like the perfect day to do so because

(1) I got out of work early from my lab part-time job! Woot-woot!

(2) There is a storm today and it's nice and cozy indoors. :) 

(3) And because I miss Europe...

Yes! Europe!! Over Thanksgiving break Daniel and I visited London and Paris with our Mami & Papi Cheng. :) I still can't believe where were there. It was always a dream of mine to visit someday. There is so much to share about this trip! I decided to break it up by blogging snippets of what we did each day (so in the coming months you'll see a travel post pop up on the blog every now and then!). 

We're HERE!!! 

Day 1: British Museum, Shepherd's Bush Market, Jubilee Gardens 

Even though it was raining when we arrived, I remembered Jasmine sharing with me that the best way to see and enjoy being in a city for the first time is to walk through it and not take the subway. And I'm so glad she shared that travel tip with me because I would have missed seeing a lot of the city had I not done so! Like this alley of...bookstores!! :) 

And then we arrived at the British Museum! 

Something pretty neat about museums in London is that most are...FREE! Which was good to know because one afternoon was definitely not enough time to see all that we wanted to see at the British Museum. We came back the following day. :) 

(a piece from the original Berlin Wall) 

Later that evening we made our way out to Shepherd's Bush Market and met up with several of Daniel's extended family members who were passing through London on their way to Asia. Talk about perfect timing! I loved the Christmas lights that they had up! Actually, I don't know if they were Christmas lights or if they have them up all year, but they sure were beautiful! 

Our home for next few days was near the Jubilee Gardens so before we called it a night, we headed across the Hungerford Bridge to explore the area! And I'm glad that we did because it was such a fun place to take photos at night with all the beautiful lights! 

Until next time! :) Stay safe and dry everyone!