A couple weeks ago, Daniel and I did a day trip to Petaluma! In a lot of ways it reminded me of my hometown--the fresh produce, the acres of farmland, and the overall slower pace of life. These photos are a reminder to me of the simple and sweet joys of life that we can enjoy because of our Creator, the Giver of all these good and wonderful gifts! :)

Film processed and scanned by Richard Photo Lab

The George Peabody Library // Travel

THIS is a library. 

I wish I could say Christy and I had a productive day of studying while we were here, but in actuality there was so much to see that we just took photos the entire time. :) But it sure was a nice escape from the Baltimore humidity (which eventually grew on me toward the end of the trip)! ;) 


Canon 6D, Canon EOS 3 / 50mm 1.4/  Kodak Portra 400 / Film Processing by The FIND Lab

Mr. Holmes Bakehouse

We waited in line for 45 minutes for a sticker that would guarantee us a cruffin and waited another 45 minutes to actually purchase one...

but it was worth every. single. crumb. 

There are few things I would wake up at 7:00am on a Saturday morning to do, but this just might be one of them. :) Thank-you, Stephanie, for introducing me to Mr. Holmes Bakehouse! 

Mr. Holmes Bakehouse // 1042 Larkin Street, San Francisco 

Canon EOS 3 / Kodak Portra 400 / Film processing by The FIND Lab